Why Makes CDS Different?

A combination of our 5 distinct feature

Demand Side Platform

In the world of programmatic advertising, data is key. That is why CDS leverages The Trade Desk which is one of the most technology advanced platforms in the world. In fact, The Trade Desk is rated the #1 DSP in the world by Ranker.com, and #2 by Foresters.

Why is that important to your business? With our Demand Side Platform we are able to access 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data to find your perfect customer based off of thousands of particular behaviors online. In addition, CDS uses 60+ ad servers that give us access to the top 5,000 Quantcast websites. CDS also has the ability to use special inventory like the marijuana network.

Guarantee Clicks

Unlike most digital companies, CDS truly guarantees engagement. Depending on how many impressions your company purchases, CDS guarantees at least a .10% CTR on ordered impressions, which is double the national CTR average.

If CDS does not meet our guarantee number of visitors to your business, we will keep serving ads for free until we meet our promise.

Inventory Quality

CDS recognizes that inventory quality is the most important aspect of programmatic advertising.

We make sure that your online advertisement is the first impressions to your consumer. Your ads will: will only be served to the top 5,000 Quantcast rated websites. This includes sites like CBS, CNN, Ebay, Spotify, etc. will be exclusively placed "above the fold" making your business the first impression, be visible for at least 5 seconds, will never show between 12am and 4am, and is guaranteed to be human traffic.

In addition to our inventory quality, CDS uses Peer39 system which makes sure your ads don't show up on inappropriate websites or demeaning content to your business.

Operations Team

CDS operations team is paid by performance, giving your business the satisfaction of making sure that CDS cares about your campaign. The operations team touches your campaign daily, and makes the necessary changes to bring traffic to your business.

Working with CDS your advertisement creatives will always be free. CDS will make multiple creatives and change them out as we see fit, once again giving your campaign the attention it deserves.

Reporting Dashboard

CDS believes in 100% transparency, that is why we provide you with your own personal login! With your reporting system, you will now be able to see how your campaign is doing in real time.

You will be able to see reports involving CTR, Post Impressions, heat map of clicks, OS, devise, recency, and what websites your ads have been placed on.