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Are you using your online platforms as effectively as you can to grow your business? In addition to your website, people use their smartphones, social media, and local search directories to find out more about you and ultimately make the decision to engage your brand. You need one platform to manage all your analytics, gauge your performance, and identify growth opportunities. The Answer Engine™ is a tool that helps anybody with a website understand the value of their website. Using cutting edge technology, The Answer Enginge™ gives you the value of your website compared to other websites in your same industry. The tool also tells you in plain English the current state of your website, as well as provides you with tips, videos, and explanations to improve the value of your website.

“diib™ tells the user in plain English what is going on with the website. This type of tech used to cost tens of thousands of dollars, just a year or two ago.”

Entreprenuer Magazine


The Answer Engine™ Dashboard give you a live look at how your website is currently doing. On this dashboard you will find:    
  1. How valuable your website is compared to others in your industry
  2. Your websites annual contribution to your business
  3. Grade rating on traffic, social, mobile and visitor experience
  4. A forecast of how your website will perform in the next 30 days
  5. Custom tasks to help improve your website



The Answer Engine™ gives you alerts in plain English, the first of its kind. Instead of trying to decipher hard to understand analytics, receive alerts that make sense! 


Action steps are crucial to making your website the best it can be. The Answer Engine™ provides you with a list of custom action steps, tips, videos, and explanations on why and how to make a specific aspect of your website the best it can possibly be. Think of the tool as your step by step guide to understanding digital marketing  

Predictive Analytics

The Answer Engine™ will give you a look into your websites future. With predictive analytics, the tool will tell you how specific aspects of your website will perform in the next 30 days, giving you the advantage to make changes that can alter your websites future!


The Answer Engine™ 

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